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Safety and Education

Be smart: Learn, memorize, and religiously practice these rules at all times without exception.  Firearms are as deadly as electricity and explosives.  Always treat them as such and follow the simple but vital rules below.  “Accidents” are really negligence, ignorance, and complacency.  Save lives by practicing and teaching these rules.

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Gun Safety and Education

1. Every gun is always loaded.  Period.  Always treat all guns all the time as loaded.  All guns are loaded always.

2. Always and only point a firearm in an absolutely safe direction.  The ground directly in front of you, an earth berm, or a solid concrete wall are examples.

3. Keep your finger up, out, and away from the trigger at all times except when at the range and actually pointed on target.  “On target on trigger.  Off target off trigger.”

4. Know your target and what is beyond.  When shooting at the range or in self-defense, bullets often travel all the way through even tough materials.  What is behind your target? Know it before shooting.

5. Always wear proper-rated eye protection and ear protection when shooting

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Safety for Children

Teach children these rules first.  Then over time teach them how guns work according to their interest and responsibility level.  Knowledge is power.  Ignorance combined with curiosity gets children killed.  Just as we teach kids to stay away from pools, and later to swim, they are safer being properly taught safety and exposed to firearms than “learning” from TV and friends.

What kids should do when they see a gun:

1. STOP!!