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  • Dec 18, 2017
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Target stores targeted by Bloomberg's anti-gun big-money astroturf groups

Mayor Bloomberg - the billionaire elitist protected by round-the-clock, taxpayer-funded, heavily-armed security, continues his one-madman crusade against private gun ownership.  In his view, guns should only be in the hands of a very select group - "government" and its political allies of the day.  This has been the favored view of dictators since...forever...and for good reason.  When those select few in power are armed, equipped, and trained in the use of weapons, and the many who are under their rule are not, it helps quell opposition a bit!  Violence is always the method employed to keep those who are governed NOT by consent under your thumb.

The use of violence and the chilling fear it creates must be carefully balanced.  Use too much, and resentment and opposition build.  Use too little, and people tend to do what they naturally do - lead peaceful, free, and productive lives.  Since your goal as a ruthless tyrant is to suck as much positive energy - life force, freedom - from your subjects as possible, you have to keep the laws, taxes, and the violence that back them cranked to the max at all times.  You're looking for that seemingly precarious yet remarkably sustainable point just before rebellion.  All you have to do at this point is keep perpetuating the corruption, taxation, laws, crime, and violence and unrest.  Did I mention violence?  You HAVE to make sure you use violence.  As ruler, your laws must be obeyed.  It doesn't matter if your laws prohibit perfectly peaceful behavior.

Traveling freely, owning land, voluntarily trading goods and services with others, and spending their time and money how your subjects want are examples of things you must regulate with violence.  Yes, you must actually INTRODUCE violence into situations where none existed before.  This is Tyranny 101 stuff.  For example, if your subjects are allowed to travel around when and where they want freely, without the ability to check and make sure they aren't on the black-bag (read "warrant") list, you've got a big problem.  That's right, your minions must be able to stop and check all subjects against your databases at all times.  This also helps with compliance to your countless edicts.  No matter how petty the violation, just issue a warrant to blag bag the dissident.  That threat of violence - handcuffing, stuffing, jailing - will keep the revenue streaming in.

Another example is private ownership of land.  Luckily this idea has been successfully re-engineered so that true ownership of land no longer exists in the minds of men and women.  Everyone accepts that they must pay "taxes" on the land they "own" and even accepts that "their" land will be taken away if they don't pay!  Just be sure you are always swift and violent at making good on that threat.  Private ownership of land, the old-fashioned meaning where if one owns something he/she doesn't have to pay another for its use, would be your certain downfall!  Taxes are a great way to introduce violence where none existed.  The masses won't grasp the idea that if a man or woman consents to being governed, he or she will freely pay or contribute to it.  Like any other good or service offered, one pays for it if it seems to benefit them.  They'll even pay on an ongoing basis, totally voluntarily!  Examples: utilities, groceries, optional insurance like life insurance, and many more.

Since your subjects don't really consent, even though you must always "remind" them that they "really do" because they "get to vote" for some of your puppets, the fees (taxes) you charge for your services cannot be voluntary.  Oh no - yours gotta have that understanding of an "or else" behind them.  Like any good "protection" racket, always remind them that you're offering an essential service, the price of which won't completely and utterly ruin them, be buddy-buddy with them and always give them a little hope for a better future, but make sure in the back of their minds they know the penalty for saying "no" to you and your goons.  Sometimes you gotta negotiate, offer a lower payment or lessened penalties for people here and there, but don't forget to crack enough skulls too!  The most important skulls to crack are people who question the entire scheme or refuse to participate.

It may seem like we got off on a tangent here, so let's clarify where this ties into violence and arms control.  The greater the disparity between your arms and capacity for violence and your subjects', the greater the violence you can employ!  The greater the violence - the greater the control and shaping of your subjects' lives, psychology, and most importantly the greater your control over the physical world.  The world/earth is supposed to be yours, after all, and don't ever forget it.  You were born to lead, chosen by God to rule, and yours is the one true vision of the future.  Your name will go down in history among the great rulers of the past, and your lineage will certainly carry on your majestic legacy.  Your rule could even be a landmark in the evolution of human perception, where the understanding of freedom and despotism change yet again.

Delectable, isn't it!?

Maybe now you can see how essential arms control is for any modern kingdom.  Visionaries like Mayor Bloomberg, who sit atop thrones of violence, will never stop convincing their idiot subjects to relinguish their arms, in favor of a system of ever-increasing armament of the select few.  (Advertisement: Does your local sector "law enforcement" need a war tank? Apply for a free MRAP today!)  You know you've really "arrived" as a leader when you were so successfully violent, sociopathic, murderous, a deceptive that future generations look back at you with disdain and disgust while simultaneously expanding upon your every method!  You gotta hand it to guys like Hitler - how impressive they were (and let's all admit - their uniforms were so snazzy!) - that so many movies and video games and references have been made by generations that embrace centralized rule by violence, propaganda, espionage, deception, global wars and imperialism, secret courts, pivotal false flags, experimentation, and all the other necessary and fun aspects of mandatory rule by force.

So remind them often that they're free, that their government by "consent" is still the best in the world, and all should be well.  Well, so long as what they see and hear can be neatly placed into the narrative created for them.  If the individual actions of violence that support oppression and mandatory rule by force are seen for what they really are - violence - the house of cards will come falling down.

One of Mayor Bloomberg's current activities is to try to get Target to discriminate against gun owners by banning gun owners from their stores.  Let's call Target and let them very politely and respectfully know the following:

  1. Thank You! for following and deferring to state law when it comes to firearms.
  2. Thank You! for respecting me and other gun owners and not discriminating against us.
  3. We are sorry Mayor Bloomberg is pressuring them to adopt an extreme agenda of discrimination against gun owners.
  4. We will continue to enjoy doing business with Target so long as target continues its present policy of NOT discriminating against lawful activity and responsible adults.

Call: 1-800-440-0680

Email: guest.relations@target.com

Posted on Friday, June 20, 2014 @ 16:05:56 CDT by ShaunKranish
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